Delivery methods

Delivery of the order placed via:
- DHL, DHL Express, UPS, FedEx, Raben,
- electronically,
- self-pickup is discontinued related to the covid-19 pandemic.

Shipping cost

The shipping cost depends on the weight, dimensions and the delivery address.

The status of shipment

Each time, after the parcel is handed over to the shipper, the employees of the Logistics Dept send an e-mail with the number of the consignment note for the shipment.

Order fulfillment time

The time of order fulfillment depends on the time of placing the order, as well as the method of payment. For urgent projects, please contact us by phone, it will significantly speed up the execution of the contract.

Payment methods

The amount due for the order can be paid in several ways:
- if you are a new customer, we will issue you a proforma invoice and ask for a prepayment by bank transfer;
- if you are our regular customer, you will receive an invoice with a specified payment date by bank transfer;
- if you need financing, we will help you submit a leasing application to one of our partners: mLeasing, Societe Generale, Impuls Leasing.

Applicable Currencies

We sell in PLN, EUR and USD:
•          Bank Handlowy w Warszawie S.A. SWIFT: CITIPLPX
PLN: PL08 1030 1289 0000 0000 8963 5004
EUR: PL83 1030 1289 0000 0000 8963 5012
USD: PL56 1030 1289 0000 0000 8963 5013
•          Santander Bank Polska S.A. SWIFT: WBKPPLPP
PLN: PL57 1910 1048 2412 1910 1354 0001
EUR: PL30 1910 1048 2412 1910 1354 0002
USD: PL73 1910 1048 2412 1910 1354 0004

Modification of orders

Modification of placed orders takes place by phone call, e-mail contact with the sales representative, provided that the order is no longer processed.

How to place an order?

An order can be placed:

•    by portal,

•    by e-mail:,

•    by +48 71 716 41 44,

How to create an account?

To create an account on the portal, click on the WELCOME, LOG IN icon and then WANT TO OPEN AN ACCOUNT WITH US? CLICK HERE.
Fill in the mandatory fields and consent and SAVE. The account has been created.

You’ll receive a message confirming the account creation to your e-mail address.
The data that has been entered can be modified at any time by selecting the INFORMATION tab.
You can also complete your account with an address, check the history and details of submitted inquiries.


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How to place a complaint?

To place a complaint for the purchased goods, complete the form available at:
On the basis of the completed form, the RMA Dept. will contact you and inform about the further procedure.